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Laura HeraI’m Laura Hera and I’m specialized in Technical SEO

My online journey started in the first year of high school when I created my first websites and started earning my first income. 

With a dedicated directory submission service website and a blog with Google Adsense ads, I’ve started to earn my own money and stopped asking my parents for it. It was fun, challenging and very educative to have clients at 15 years old, because everything I practiced on my sites helped me later, in 2014, to handle the SEO agency tasks easier and to understand the big picture of a website. 

I’ve been working in the SEO field for over 5 years. I started my career as an SEO Specialist at an online marketing agency, where most of the clients were e-commerce website owners. There, I’ve learned that with the right approach, SEO drives high amounts of relevant traffic that turns into sales. The approached strategy was always focused on revenue.

I’ve worked on various projects as an SEO Specialist and Consultant. My experience covers classified, e-commerce and presentation websites on niches as real estate, fashion, travel, furniture or gym supplements. If you’re interested to read more about my past projects, check my Linkedin profile. Besides these projects, I’m working on my own affiliate websites on different niches.

It’s no a secret that ranking on Google’s first page will increase any website’s revenue. Probably right now you’re missing opportunities because your website isn’t there and your competition is getting a bigger slice of the market share. Technical SEO Audit will reveal website health and what should be done to outrank the competitors. Among technical SEO audits, I perform punctual tasks such as log analysis, keyword research and strategy, custom reporting, roadmaps or SEO documentation for the development team.

Tell me what your problem is and how I can help you. Reach me out at seo@laurahera.com.


Tiberiu Oprea

Laura is very knowledgeable regarding SEO concerns, especially technical audits. We collaborated a while ago when I took over one of her affiliate marketing websites. The website was in a really good SEO state. Highly recommend her.

Tiberiu Oprea

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